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How can we find the silver lining? (Part Two: a conversation with a Special Situations Investment Manager)

Investment Opportunities

As Allium seeks to clarify what is happening in the capital markets, we consult with brilliant analysts who have proven their ability to identify value and create alpha (return in excess of the market). The current market environment elicits many questions: are securities fairly priced? Should I be buying or selling? Where can I find yield without taking undo risk? What opportunities exist beneath the noise of the traditional stock and bond markets?

Maria Boyazny, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB Global Partners addresses these questions and much more on the following Webinar. MB Global Partners is a New York-based asset management firm investing in special situations and opportunistic credit markets. Maria and her team have spent the last 30+ years (at MB and elsewhere) investing in discounted debt, equity or structured solutions, depending on where MB identifies value in a specific opportunity. The core of MB’s strategy is to preserve & multiply investors’ capital.

The firm was founded by Maria Boyazny in 2010 to pursue the tactical portfolio allocation approach she pioneered which has allowed her to successfully manage over $4.5 billion for investors over her investment career in alternatives. The firm manages capital on behalf of Fortune 100 companies, U.S. and Canadian pension funds, foundations, insurance companies and multi-billion-dollar family offices.

We're happy to present this opportunity to Qualified Purchasers* (see below). If you are interested in learning more, please contact Bob Noack to access the video presentation.

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