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How can we find the silver lining? (Part One: a conversation with a Distressed Credit Investment Manager)

Investment Opportunities

Allium seeks financial peace for its clients. This means bringing clarity to confusing markets and timely strategic opportunities for our clients. A challenging economic environment is often a window for the expert injection of private capital, which can and has saved many companies that otherwise would fail; saving jobs, saving families.

Our friends from Marathon Asset Management introduce us to their Distressed Credit Fund. The goal of this Fund is to realize capital appreciation of investments in debt and equity securities of companies experiencing or expected to experience financial distress. 

We're happy to present this opportunity to Qualified Purchasers * (see below). If you are interested in learning more, please contact Bob Noack to access the video presentation.

Investor Types



Accredited Investor

Income (individual/Joint):

$200,000/$300,000 or

Investment Assets (ex-home):



Qualified Purchaser

Investment Assets (ex-home):



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