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Financial Planning

By taking a deep dive into your estate and financial structure, we provide valuable insight and direction to ensure you are best positioned to meet your goals. We evaluate and take into consideration your aspirations, family and business dynamics, as well as your saving and investment goals. This is not a one time exercise. It is an on-going aspect of our service and helps guide every decision and recommendation.

FamiliesBusiness OwnersFoundations / Endowments
- Estate planning
- Business structure- Investment policy statement evaluation
- Investment strategies- Succession planning- Spending policy evaluation  
- Cash flow analysis
- Buy / sell agreements- Cash management analysis
- Tax strategies- Retirement planning- Board member education
- Gifting- Risk management- Philanthropic structuring
- Education / Coaching- Coaching

We find there are 4 major stages of financial planning, each with a different areas of focus. By tracking your estate structure and wealth accumulation in Trellis, your advisor can help you transition through these stages and make adjustments to your financial plan to reflect your changing needs and goals.

Stages of Financial Planning


How much should I be saving and where? How aggressive should I be investing? Do I have the right structure for my assets given my goals?


How do I protect my family in case something happens to me or my spouse? What is the best way to save for college? What are my options to establish financial assistance for a special needs member of the family?


Do I need to consider a living trust or other legal structure to protect my investments? What can alternative investments do for my portfolio? Can I meet my investment return goals through investments that reflect my personal values? How can I structure my business transition to best meet my financial goals? What other risk management strategies do I need to consider?


How can I limit my estate tax liability? Is my estate structured to best meet my wealth distribution and gifting wishes upon my death?