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Risk Aversion: where can I find yield without increasing portfolio risk?

Investment Opportunities

Fixed Income securities are rated by the likelihood of repayment. You are far more likely to receive your money back when you loan it to Uncle Sam than you are if you loan it to Sam’s Auto/Body, a fledgling company. In periods of low interest rates (now), investors unwisely chase yield by investing in lower and lower rated companies to get an equivalent yield to what they may have received in treasury securities last year or last decade. What if there was a more strategic way to increase portfolio yield without bumping up volatility, interest rate risk or the risk of default?

Enter Golub Capital, a $30b manager established in 1994 with over 530 employees and 140 investment professionals. For 25 years, Golub has been a direct lender to private companies vetted and scrubbed by Private Equity managers (they review over 2,000 transactions a year to pick the ~60 to fund consistently partnering with the top 15% of Private Equity sponsors). In Allium Financial Advisor’s latest investor education webinar, Ross Van Der Linden, Managing Director at Golub Capital, explains their time-tested methodology resulting in a consistent 8—12% current yield and net IRRs ranging from 10—14%. 

Golub has investment vehicles available for investors at all levels including non-Accredited, Accredited and Qualified Purchasers* (see table below).

Please contact Bob Noack for access to the presentation.

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Investor Types



Accredited Investor

Income (individual/Joint):

$200,000/$300,000 or

Investment Assets (ex-home):



Qualified Purchaser

Investment Assets (ex-home):